If this is your first visit then please follow the next few steps:

  1. All who are participating MUST watch and properly understand the Safety Video and Rules.
  2. All jumpers MUST have a valid signed disclaimer before they are permitted entry into the park.
    • Anyone under the age of 16 must have a disclaimer signed by one of the following:
      legal guardian
      responsible adult aged 21+ (with the parent/legal guardian of the participants' permission to sign on their behalf)
  3. Disclaimers can be completed in two ways:
    • eDisclaimer (valid for 12 months): Can be completed either on our website prior to arrival or at our Disclaimer Station when you arrive at the facility.
      Please Note - Signing an eDisclaimer on our website now will save you time and make check-in easier when you arrive.
    • Paper Disclaimer (valid for 1 admission): Can be printed out by following the link below and completed prior to arrival at the facility.
  4. Once the disclaimers are complete you can proceed to the ticket purchasing page to complete your booking.

Please Note: Children aged 2-6 years old are only permitted into the main park area during KidJump session (10am - 11am every morning) - from 11am they have exclusive access to our KidZone (please see the Activities page for more information)!

eDisclaimer    Purchase Tickets    Paper Disclaimer


RYZE is an fun action-packed, physical, action sports experience!
All our parks and equipment are designed, manufactured and installed by professionals and whilst safe, the key word here is “ACTION”, and with all action sports there is high risk of injury.
We are NOT a soft play centre or gym - please always exercise caution and ALWAYS follow our rules when using the equipment. Always use the equipment within your skill-set so you have more control.

A good way to measure any piece of equipment is to look at it and “If in doubt miss it out!”
Stay safe and have fun!

Our Mission Statement


The Mission of Ryze is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of Trampoline and Adventure Parks.

We will achieve this by designing, manufacturing and operating world leading trampoline and adventure parks that people of all walks of life and all ages can enjoy.

Our facilities are social and healthy and can be used by individuals, groups, families, colleagues or communities and each minute gaining exhilarating enjoyment through fun and adventure.

We love hearing about your visits to Ryze! Visit Trip Advisor to leave us a review, or let us know in person on the day!

Check out some of these comments from other happy customers...

“This is 3rd time been here- both kids choose it for their birthday 10,15 @ both loved it - jumped for an hour and never saw them for hour.nit just trampolines,dodge ball,jumping stuff. Staff very vigilant. Definitely book online before going -doesn't cost anymore…” - David O

“Kids had a fantastic time. Would highly recommend to all. Even the adults had great fun! Cafe had a full menu choice. I would recommend booking first!” - Paula T

“Absolutely brilliant place, very busy but great atmosphere. Cafe great too with plenty of choice for food and drinks with a viewing area to watch your kids have fun.” - Sandra B

“Been a few times with 8 and 10 year old. Busy at peak times and recommend booking in advance. Kids love it and there is plenty to amuse them for the hour. Free WiFi and cafe makes it good for parents too.” - Callum C

“Went to Ryze today with my husband, daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren. The place was very busy but we had a very positive experience from the start. All the staff were helpful and efficient and ensured the children were aware of how to use the facilities safely. We adults were able to go to the cafe while the children enjoyed the fun.” - Susandee58

“Took 2 14yr olds here and they both loved it. The staff were very accommodating and changed us to the earlier session as we had arrived earlier than planned. Will definitely be back.” - Fpauli

“…'Flight attendants' blow whistle if someone's doing something they shouldn't and it's very safe, with 1 person to each trampoline and 2 to the big ones. I won't spoil it but the giant foam pits are amazing, and the slanted trampolines are fab. Even if you can only jump up and down you will have a great time as long as you do what you know you can do…” - Rachael1912

“If your child is the shy, sensitive and retiring type then release their inner beast and get to Ryze - it's truly everything I wished had been there for me 40 years ago. Plenty of trampolines and very careful on the safety - Ryze does as much as possible to make sure that kids of all ages bounce the living daylights out of themselves whilst doing so in a playfully expressive environment with lots of varied sections. There's an enclosed Dodgeball, Dunk the basketball, Tarzan swinging ropes, walking a narrow beam and high leap off zone (many into foam pieces covered trampolines for extra safety). I had my 25 and 12 year old son entertaining me with their "flights" as they are known - and I've honestly not laughed so much for ages. So take little Johnny and Mary and for the rest of your life their beds/bedrooms will be transformed overnight onto Flight Zones no doubt....” - SmoggieScot

“Went here with a friend was really organised. Safety briefing knew what you were and were not to do. Tonnes of stuff to go on and the hour went so fast! There was quite a lot of people on the trampolines but I never at any point thought it was too many. Fantastic value for money will be back!” - Amzly1988

“Amazing place for both adults and children! So much fun and great value for money. Staff are always friendly and welcoming.” - AmyMeads

“Ryze is so much fun I would recommend it to anyone…” - Joshua M

“I have visited Ryze on a few different occasions both for the kids jump sessions with my younger cousins and with my friends for the general sessions. Great day out for both children and adults. Lovely facility with loads to do and an energetic friendly atmosphere. staff are all very helpful…” - Gill68mx

“…Easy to get booked in after booking tickets online. Did not go on the trampolines myself but was there with my daughter. She loved the 1 hour slot jumping and falling into the foam pits. There is a small cafe there serving home cooked food, drinks and cakes. Plenty of vending machines too. Plenty of seating and took loads of photos. Staff were friendly and kept control of kids running about.” - BobCheyne

“The best two hours of fun in a long time! Fantastic fun, clean, well organised. We will definitely return! If you have energetic children, this is the place for you!” - Morrison96

“Have been a few times now and always been impressed with the staff and the place. Have been able to time it to be there at relatively quiet periods and my children and their friends have always had a great time. For the first time I went to the cafe and although I didn't have anything it looked good and the prices were cheap so would eat there in future if it fitted in.” - LesleyMalone

“Having 2 boys who are 12 and 10 with loads of energy to burn off this place was ideal for them! 2 hours of bliss while I sat in the coffee shop reading a magazine and enjoying a coffee while they had a blast bouncing about and enjoying the foam pits as well!” - Tonidenise123

Finding a fun and effective way of staying healthy doesn't have to be hard with Ryze Edinburgh! Read on to find more...

The Basics

Trampolining can...

  • Make you feel energetic and full of life!
  • Improve balance and stability
  • Stimulate your metabolism
  • Increase the body's capacity of oxygen
  • Increase the circulation of oxygen to the body's tissues
  • Improve lymph circulation (containing white blood cells)
  • Improve cardiovascular health (strengthens the heart)
  • Improve muscle tone

Cardio Fitness

Trampolining for 10 minutes provides the equivalent benefits to a 30 minute run. Studies show that trampolining for 10 minutes is 68% more effective than a 33 minute cardiovascular workout - trampolining also stimulates cardiovascular flow in a way that is beneficial for ridding the body of waste and toxins.

Mental Health

Trampolining can aid in fighting anxiety, depression and stress, as it increases endorphin release by the brain, which trigger positive feelings! Studies have shown that regular trampoline sessions can also help relaxation and sleeping patterns, giving you more energy when you need it.

Muscle Health

Regular trampoline sessions improve your posture and general muscle health. British Trampoline Coach John Beer says "Your core-stability muscles are almost constantly engaged to keep you stable and balanced, meaning a tauter, stronger stomach and lower back." Trampolining can also reduce your percentage body fat, and improve tone and suppleness in the muscles!

Mobility and Rehabilitation

Trampolining reduces the risk of injury to joints (such as ankles and knees) when compared to ground-level sports, as mats and padding absorb up to 80% of the shock from the rebound. For people with lower mobility or for those undergoing rehabilitation this is highly beneficial.

Coordination and Agility

Trampolining increases balance and co-ordination. You are able to learn to control the position of your body by coordinating the arms and legs whilst bouncing. Regular trampolining is therefore useful when participating in other sports which require hand-eye and general co-ordination.

The Immune System

Regular trampoline activity can increase the body's metabolic rate, and so increases its ability to burn calories efficiently. Cells in the body actually become stronger which improves immune cell activity,which means you have a decreased chance of becoming ill!

But don't take our word for it - come along and see for yourself! Book your tickets here!

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